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Other Nonimmigrant Visas

  1. A-1 VISA Diplomatic or Consular Officers
  2. A-2 VISA Other Government Officials, Employees and Close Relatives
  3. A-3 VISA Attendants Servants, Personal Employees and Close Relatives of A-1 and A-2 Aliens
  4. C-1 VISA. Alien in Transit
  5. C-2 VISA. Alien in Transit to United Nations Headquarters
  6. C-3 VISA. Foreign Government Official in Transit
  7. D-1 VISA. Alien Crewman Temporary Visit
  8. D-2 VISA. Alien Crewman for Fishing Vessel
  9. G-1 VISA. Foreign Government Principal Representative
  10. G-2 VISA. Other Foreign Government Representative
  11. G-3 VISA. Nonrecognized Foreign Government Representative
  12. G-4 VISA. International Organization Officers
  13. G-5 VISA. Personal Employees of Foreign Representative
  14. I-1 VISA Representative of foreign Press or Information Media
  15. NATO-1 VISA. Principal Representative to NATO
  16. NATO-2 VISA. Other Representative to NATO
  17. NATO-3 VISA. Staff of NATO Representative
  18. NATO-4 VISA. NATO Officials
  19. NATO-5 VISA. NATO Experts
  20. NATO-6 VISA. NATO Civilians
  21. NATO-7 VISA. Servants of NATO-1 Through NATO-6 Aliens
  22. SN-1 through SN-4 VISAS. Retired NATO Employee, Spouse, and Children
  23. Q-1 VISA. Participant in Cultural Exchange Program
  24. Q-2 VISA. Participant in Irish Cultural Training Program
  25. R-1 VISA. Alien in Religious Occupation
  26. R-2 VISA. Spouse or Child of R-1 Alien
  27. S-5 VISA. Informant Regarding Crime
  28. S-6 VISA. Informant Regarding Terrorism
  29. S-7 VISA. Spouse, Child, or Parent of S-5 or S-6 Visa
  30. T-1 VISA. Victim of Person Trafficking
  31. T-2 VISA. Spouse of T-1 Alien
  32. T-3 VISA. Child of T-1 Alien
  33. T-4 VISA. Parent of T-1 Alien
  34. U-1 VISA. Victim of Criminal Abuse
  35. U-2 VISA. Spouse of U-1 Alien
  36. U-3 VISA. Child of U-1 Alien
  37. U-4 VISA. Parent of U-1 Alien
  38. V VISA. Spouse and Children of LPR with Preference Petition Filed Before December 22, 2000
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